Are you on a mission looking for nutritional health?

Frequently Asked Questions about nutritional healthy eating

Please find below the answers to some of the most common questions we are asked at Nutrition Mission about health and nutrition.

What does a nutritional therapist do?
A nutritional therapist will work with you on an individual basis to achieve health whatever your starting point - from weight loss to sports nutrition, cancer and chronic diseases to hormonal problems, stress and insomnia to anti-aging advice, we will basically work with any condition that you have to improve your health and nutrition. A nutritional therapist will use detailed case history, dietary analysis and, where needed, a whole range of tests in order to treat your condition. Food is used as the primary medicine although supplements and lifestyle advice is also given.
What is the difference between a dietician, a nutritionist and a nutritional therapist?
A dietician helps to promote health through proper eating, can supervise the preparation of food and is qualified to participate in research.

The term nutritionist is not currently a protected term so anyone can call themselves a nutritionist without any formal qualifications.

Nutritional therapy is considered to be a complementary therapy that can be used alongside orthodox medicines. Nutritional therapists sometimes work with patients that have been referred by medical practitioners; these patients usually have chronic health problems that conventional medicine may find hard to treat.

At Nutrition Mission each of our therapists has to hand in copies of their qualification, proof of membership to Federation of Nutritional Therapists, or any of the other accredited governing bodies or organisations, and a copy of their insurance documents to us. We then check these details. This means that when you see a Nutrition Mission therapist you can be certain that they are fully qualified to help you.
What exactly happens during my appointment?
Please read the section called 'About your Consultation'. This section takes you through what to expect at your consultation.
How long will it take me to get better once I've seen my nutritional therapist?
This is a tough question to answer as ill health is usually accumulated over time but by sticking to your personal treatment plan you should start to feel better quite quickly. Nutritional therapy looks at the root cause of your concern/condition as well as treating the symptoms that this may be yielding which means that we take much longer in trying to get you back to full health.
How much does it cost to see a Nutrition Mission therapist?
Initial Consultation (up to 1 hour Excluding London)
£ 75.00
Follow-up consultation (up to 30 minutes Excluding London)
£ 45.00
Initial Consultation (up to 1 hour London)
£ 95.00
Follow-up consultation (up to 30 minutes London)
£ 65.00
Telephone Consultation (per 15 minutes)
£ 20.00
Recommended food supplements are subject to a 10% discount. This discount applies to all Nutrition Mission clients.