Nutrition can lead the way to more healthier, happier and more active lifestyle!

Nutrition Consultation

Once you have made an appointment to see our nutritional therapist you will be sent a comprehensive intake questionnaire and a 3 day food diary.

Nutritionist Consultation

You will need to take your forms along with you to your appointment. These forms give your nutritionist the information needed in order to identify the areas of your health that we need to work on and therefore provide you with a detailed, personal treatment plan.

Once you have arrived at the clinic for your appointment you will be greeted by your nutritionist who will offer you a drink. You will then be taken to the consulting room where you get the chance to sit down and discuss your concerns with the therapist. Your therapist may have a few further questions to clarify things on your intake questionnaire in order to get a complete picture of your health and health concerns.

This initial consultation will take up to an hour and is your chance to go through everything that you are worried about with regards to your health.

As your appointment progresses your nutritionist will compose a personalised treatment plan. This treatment plan will usually consist of dietary advice, nutritional supplements, recommended diagnostic tests, if required, and lifestyle advice for you to follow until you see your therapist for your first follow-up appointment, which is usually in about a month’s time. You can set the pace that you would like to progress at. Most of our nutritionists will work slowly and gradually in order for you to get used to your new eating plan and find your feet with it.

Towards the end of your consultation your nutritionist will clarify the points that you’ve gone over in your consultation and make sure that you are happy with everything that has been discussed. You will also be invited to book your first follow-up appointment.

About your follow-up consultations...

We recommend regular follow-up consultations so that we can assess how you are doing on your road to ultimate health and wellbeing, and make any necessary changes to your treatment plan to keep you on the right track. At your first follow-up consultation your therapist will give you the results of the dietary analysis that will have been given from your 3-day food diary. This gives us further information as to what nutrients you may be deficient in or taking an excess of. Your follow-up appointments also give both you and your practitioner the chance to catch up with how you’ve been doing with your treatment plan. Your treatment plan will usually be changed slightly at each follow-up in order for you to make positive changes that can be easily achieved and keep you going towards that goal of being healthy and happy.

Following my meeting with Nutrition Mission, I came away feeling relaxed and positive about the journey ahead. After just 10 days and implementation of my treatment plan I am noticing increased energy levels and concentration. In addition my skin is beginning to glow again. I will definately be recommending Nutrition Mission to my family and friends.
Dawn Sweeney
05 March 2011