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There are many different types of cancer and many things that are thought to cause this disease. Healthy cells in our body grow and divide in a very controlled way and then die off when they become worn out, a process called apoptosis, these are then replaced by new cells. The immune system picks up dead cells, they are then broken down and excreted from the body. If this orderly process is disrupted, usually caused by damage to the DNA of the cell, then the old, worn out cells don't die when they should and may replicate. This replication can go wrong which will cause the cell to proliferate in a very disorderly fashion making new abnormal cells that also replicate, causing a tumour.

The term cancer describes the process where cell proliferation is abnormal. These cells proliferate at random invading nearby tissues and depriving nearby healthy cells of the space they need in order to function properly within the organ that they make up. Tumours can then break up and spread to other organs of the body where they trigger further tumours.

It is not fully understood why healthy cells turn cancerous but it is known that free radicals can damage the DNA in cells and disrupt cell replication. Free radicals are produced as a result of normal cell metabolism and are usually well controlled by the body; however, their production is increased by such things as smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet and over-exposure to the sun. Cell replication can also be disrupted by certain viruses, stress and hereditary factors.

Your nutritional therapist can help you to make better food choices in order for your healthy cells and immune system to function more efficiently, both during your orthodox treatments - helping you to better recover from surgery, working with your oncologist to help you to stay healthy during chemotherapy/radiology treatments, or in helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to lower your risk of contracting cancer in the first place.
Excellent understanding of my emotional eating, balanced with encouragement to work around these issues.
Anne Butcher
02 November 2011